Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last Day of Summer Vacation... and Catfished ~ Wednesday 8/9/17

That's it... last day of summer vacation is here, as Youngest Son goes back to school tomorrow. It feels like it was a very short summer, I'm not sure why.  The highlight of my summer was the road trip I took with my daughter, what a great time we had!  Youngest Son ended up having a good time on his camping trip with Greg too but I think he mostly enjoyed being able to sleep until noon every day when he was home!  He'll probably be a zombie tomorrow morning.


  • I woke up a little early because I heard Greg use the bathroom and, for some reason, I decided to check my emails on my phone... I must have had an intuition, because there were 2 emails from my brothers. Uh oh, they almost never email me.  Well, they're panicking because our dad is once again talking mysteriously about coming to visit my Marseille brother with a woman but won't give out any details, save to say that she needs a brand new wardrobe and letting her first name slip out (from what we understand, it's the same woman that my dad started talking about a year ago but no one has ever met her, my dad hasn't shared anything about her save that she was "from Paris", younger and had big boobs).  So my brother did some sleuthing on Facebook and found a profile for that first name with our last name (well, my maiden name!), which is an uncommon last name so anyone with that last name is definitely related to us. It's a private profile and the picture on the profile is of my dad's cat and the status dates from 2015 and states that she has her own business.  My brother from Paris found a professional networking site where a picture has been posted, still under same name as the Facebook profile. The woman is young (maybe early 30s? It's hard to tell) and attractive and "a blond with big boobs" according to my brothers. That site is also private but the status had her living in the Ivory Coast in 2015. So we all think our dad has been catfished. Honestly, my first reaction to the emails was "I don't care". I've gone no contact with my dad after his rant during my and my kids' visit back in 2015 and I don't plan on ever resuming a relationship with him.  The only way this is potentially impacting me, is that in France, children are responsible for their parents (and grandparents!) debts. So... this could be a major problem.  Coincidentally, last night, I had read a thread on Reddit about a catfishing situation, and commenters had shared sites to do a reverse image search so you can find more pictures of the same person, sometimes posted on Instagram accounts or such that clearly show that it's a scam.  I tried that and it didn't find any pictures of the same person, anywhere online.  Which is kind of weird in itself, I suppose?  My dad is 73, has major health issues, is overweight, and is well-off and lonely. The prime target for crooks.  My brother from Marseille wants to send him an email with our suspicions. I told him he should just show up at my dad's house without any warning and get his explanations in person (and also see if that person is indeed living there).  I also found the URL for a couple of associations (one for the protection of seniors, the other that warns of African scams in Europe, and that prominently features scams from the Ivory Coast) so I sent that to them as well.  I also advised that they contact my dad's lawyer to tell him that they suspect he's being catfished and ask if there's anything that can be done.  I'm not sure what they'll do.  I'd like to say I completely wash my hands off it, but I've been anxious all morning because of this... because I really don't want to get some bill collectors contacting me in the future, damn it. So we'll see what happens. Ugh. It's pissing me off that I'm allowing myself to get stressed over someone else's life.

  • Luckily, it's Shopping Day today so that should keep me busy.  I looked up the new Aldi and Save A Lot ads. Save A Lot has changed their ads and it's resulting in my not even going there anymore because they feature much less produce than before and that's mostly what I buy there (and meat).  So I'll be skipping it again today.

  • I earned the daily Microsoft Rewards and I'm running nCrave videos for Swagbucks. I'll need to remember to leave my laptop open so the videos can keep on running while I'm gone. My first goal is 100 SB today.  My Search Award was a paltry 4 SB and probably the only one I'll get today :(

  • I packed Greg's lunch with leftovers and left him to deal with breakfast as I didn't want the kittens to chew on the bread again this morning :)

  • I used up the last brown banana in my morning bowl of cereal.

  • I left to run my errands at about 9 a.m. I was all discombobulated because of my brothers' emails so I forgot to bring along the coupons that I had clipped on Sunday. Arrgh.
    • I placed a Rapid Pick-Up order at Panera's, via my app, for a free chocolate chip bagel, using my Free Bagel a Day in August reward. I gave it to my daughter today.

    • So my first stop was Panera. I got there 10 minutes after my pick-up time, there was no line, there was 4 "food preparers" standing around chatting in the back, and my bagel wasn't ready. I plan on emailing Customer Service about this.

    • My next stop was CVS. I did 2 separate orders:
      • Order #1: a half gallon of whole milk (I plan on stretching it with water), on sale @ $1.99 and it was free to me since I paid with a CVS gift card that I earned through our Amex Rewards program.
      • Order #2: 
        • a tube of Colgate toothpaste, on sale @ $3.00 and I redeemed a $2.50 store coupon from the kiosk and a $1.00/1 coupon that Colgate had mailed me, so it was a $0.50 money maker
        • 6 Renuzit cones, on sale @ $0.88 each.  I had a $2.20 coupon that I had printed but left at home, grr.  I considered coming back on a different day, but it would have cost me more than $2.20 in gas so oh well. I should be able to get $2.20 back from SavingStar, though, via my ExtraCare card.
      • I paid with my Amazon Visa for 2% back in Rewards.

    • Then I went to Aldi. 
      • Today they had most of what I wanted, yippee, although they still don't have the reduced fat shredded cheddar :(  
      • They did have the grape jelly so I bought 6 jars.
      • I found some chicken breasts with clearance stickers on the packs, making it $1.12/lb, which was pretty good, so I bought one family pack to freeze.
      • I splurged on a big chunk of seasoned salmon that I'll cook tomorrow or Friday night.
      • I loaded up on berries, again (3 strawberries, 4 blueberries)... more fruit salads for me!
      • I also splurged on a package of cherry turnovers for the kids' snacks, as it had a $1.00 off sticker on it.
      • My OOP was $85.79 ($8.12 for cat litter, $77.67 for groceries) and I charged it to Amex for 3% back in Rewards.
      • I asked the cashier if they were still going to be closed in September and he said "we'll close mid-month for 5 weeks, approximately". I didn't think to ask him to verify whether he meant mid-August or mid-September, though.

    • Next stop was the newly opened BulkNation.  
      • There was a young man at the entrance explaining to everyone how to "use" the store (bag your products, weigh the bags, write the bin number on the tag for each bag).
      • I took lots of pictures so I could figure out the prices at home. I didn't buy anything because I wasn't smart enough to calculate the per oz/per lb price of the items that I usually buy pre-packaged.
      • It doesn't look like I'll be shopping there very often, quite honestly.
      • They only accept their own coupons, no manufacturer coupons (they do sell prepackaged foods too, like Bonne Maman jams, for instance).
      • I was disappointed that they don't seem to carry vanilla beans. I asked a cashier but they had no idea whether they had any or not and didn't offer to check either.
      • So... it was a little underwhelming, all in all. I might bring Youngest Son back to show him the bins of bulk candy and treat him to some.

    • My last stop was Wawa. 
      • I texted the kids that I was there and asked if they wanted a sandwich. My daughter did and I placed her and my orders and then guessed what Youngest Son might like since he wasn't replying.  The OOP was higher than I would have guessed, $20.52. I paid with Amex, in hopes of getting 2% back in Rewards since it's a gas station :) I asked for a receipt so I can take the survey and get a coupon for a free drink.
      • At the food counter they had survey forms so I grabbed another one so I can take a 2nd survey  and get another coupon :)
      • I also grabbed a 24 oz French Vanilla coffee which was free to me with a survey reward coupon from last week along with creamers and sweetener.
      • And they had the sample cups out so I got a free sample size of hazelnut coffee.

  • Back home, I found a bag of promotional flyers in my driveway, including 4 coupon inserts, woohoo!

  • The kids had just gotten up and by the time they asked if I needed help bringing in the groceries, I had already brought everything in! My daughter and I chatted about the situation with her grandfather while I took pictures of everything and put everything away.

  • I realized that today is "Law & Order" marathon day on ION TV, so I planted myself on the couch with my sandwich, coffee and my receipts. I'll be working on the laptop the rest of the day :)

  • I submitted my CVS receipt to Ibotta for a $0.25 rebate on "Any Item" that I'll apply to the milk, making it a money maker.

  • Youngest Son's French teacher (he takes the class online via Florida Virtual School) emailed me his progress report and later on replied to a question I had about his pace, so I discussed this with him. My daughter had finished French 2 by the time she started her junior year (when she started dual enrollment classes) so I'd like for him to follow the same pacing so he's done with French by the end of next summer as well.

  • I forwarded an offer to my daughter that I found on Slickdeals for a $3 discount off a $5 online order. She loves Panda Express so I hope she can use it.

  • I also found a heads-up from another poster about a $10 off $50 offer at Lowe's from American Express. I checked our accounts and Greg's didn't have it but I did. Woohoo! I don't think we need any merchandise from Lowe's (where I could get 10% off with MyLowe's military discount) so I'll probably buy a restaurant gift card for our dates.
  • I input all of my receipts into my spreadsheets since I track our expenses to the penny, and reported on my grocery shopping trip this week. I'm kind of anxious to find out whether I'll remember to not buy as much food next week, since my daughter will be gone.  Update: and crap, I just remembered that I meant to stop by Publix tomorrow morning and also go back to BulkNation, possibly. That'll have to count towards next week's budget!

  • And crap #2: the cooler bags that I bought at Publix last week are on sale starting tomorrow. Arrgh. I've already used one of them so i can't return it and buy it.  I won't bother returning my daughter's because I think she's already packed it in a bin.

  • Swagbucks sent me the Chili's gift card that I had ordered so I printed it and gave it to my daughter, along with the $5 gift card that I had earned last month. She was happy :)

  • I was able to reach my 1st goal in Swagbucks, now aiming for the 2nd goal of 130 SB.

  • I entered my weight into Walgreens' Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices and earned another 20 BR points.  Their website is buggy as hell, it doesn't register the new entries right away in the ledger and then even when they're recorded (a few minutes after entering them), the total doesn't update right away. It's very irritating.

  • I scheduled a credit card payment online (no extra fees, no stamp needed, woohoo!)

  • I tried to archive some Excel files but that freaking program has been buggy as hell ever since I've gotten Office 2016 and it keeps on checking remotely with Microsoft. The stand-alone  Office 2010 version that I had before NEVER gave me trouble. With this one, I have problems all the time. I hate it. I hate Microsoft. But I'm stuck using their products because Google Sheets still doesn't have all the features that I need. Aaarrgh.

  • I deadheaded some roses (it's so hot, they really only last one day!) and checked on the pineapple heads and zig-zag plant cutting.  The cutting is starting to grow some tiny roots, I think. The shrimp plant is still on the breezeway counter in its little "greenhouse". The kittens have been leaving it alone since they can't see what is in the bag that's acting as a greenhouse.  I'm hoping that it's rooting.

  • I printed a couple more coupons and clipped the coupons from the inserts found in my driveway this morning. I made sure to file  them all in my coupon organizer right away as I plan on going to Publix tomorrow morning after dropping off my son at school.
Tabby Kitten required the paper clippings to be thrown on the floor so he could inspect them...
He takes his job very seriously, you see... but he's not so good at cleaning up after himself.
  • I made myself a fruit salad for a late afternoon snack: strawberries, blueberries and homegrown pineapple!

  • I made a pricebook for BulkNation by using the information in the photos that I took and shared it with my BFF since she was wondering about the prices too. Now I need to calculate prices in the same quantities as what I usually buy to see if it's cheaper than Aldi, for instance, but I don't think that it is... However they do have such items as red lentils (that I don't find often) and dried currants (that I have never found before so I'm excited about that!).

  • After doing all the calculations, my conclusion is that they are cheaper for the couple of spices that I priced (thyme, smoked paprika) so I'll go price the others. Also I'll buy dried tart cherries and currants. The red lentils were cheaper at Aldi when they were offered (seasonal, I bought mine in October 2015). Everything else that I have priced is super more expensive than the Aldi version. since I don't use gluten-free flour or things like coconut flour, for instance.  I have a couple of coupons to use so I'll stock up on the few things that are cheaper/available and use the coupons and then probably won't need to return for a while unless the kids want bulk candy! It's a disappointment.

  • Update on the situation with my dad: so my brother from Marseille contacted our dad via text and forced him to give him more information, telling him that as a cop he was aware of several scams and was worried that he was being scammed. Long story short, my dad avoided to answer any pointed questions, but denied that he was married and that anyone had created a Facebook page for that person. However,  at my brother's urging, he did look at the page and it IS his cat on there and the first name that the girl gave him with our last name.  Then he found some excuse to get off the phone because it was obvious that he didn't want to answer anymore questions.  Later on, my brother recontacted him and got our dad to give him the girl's full name. Also he got my dad to admit he hadn't met her yet and that she's supposedly a hairdresser in Paris. Then he got my dad to text him a picture of the girl. She's even younger than the one we had found on the other site and it's not the same picture as the one my brothers had found on the other website!  So my brother did some research and found a French site like Snopes that debunks several scams and there is indeed a scam alert relating to that name, with pictures of the exact same person, also saying that the "girl" presents herself as a hairdresser in Paris but that it is a proven scam from Benin. (later on I found a 2nd alert on that same site for the same "person" with the same details  and photos but the last name is different and people have commented on there that they were victims and had filed a complaint).  So my brother confronted my dad with all this information and now my dad is backpedaling and saying that he suspected all along that something was wrong but is assuring my brother that he never sent any money and "has protected his bank accounts". I don't believe one word of it and neither do my brothers!  Also, my dad went off on my brothers, telling them that he's lonely and no one cares, no one showed up when my stepmom passed away and all kinds of terrible things. In case you're new here, my brothers and I have always had a very contentious relationship with our dad (our parents divorced when I was 9 and my brothers were 7 and 4 and they proceeded to use us kids as pawns in their sick game of control).  Our stepmom passed away of pancreatic cancer in early 2014. My dad called me on 12/23/13 to tell me it was the end. On 12/24 I was on a plane to Paris, picked up my brother#2  and we drove to my dad's in the Alps. My brother could only stay 2 days. Our other brother (brother #1 from Marseille) drove up too. He stayed with me there until 1/1. He took care of my dad while I took care of my stepmom 24/7, with the help of several of her girlfriends who had come to be by her side. At the very end, everyone left and I was the only one taking care of her, with the nursing personnel from a French version of hospice who would come a couple of times a day. My brother from Marseille had left because he and my dad were fighting non-stop and it was stressing everyone.  I stayed for another week after her passing, organizing the cremation and remembrance ceremony, speaking at the ceremony on the spot when my dad couldn't find anything to say about "the love of his life", etc.  This whole thing completely traumatized me because I had to make end of life decisions for my stepmom that my dad was incapable of making.  My dad is a complete narcissist who is now alone because no one wants to be around him. He's a snobbish, bitter, narcissistic, horrible person who has alienated everyone. None of his and my stepmom's friends wanted to remain in contact with him after she passed. Many of them told me so when they were visiting during those last few days, stressing that they had only remained friendly with my dad and stepmom for my stepmom's sake. I told them I understood, because I did. I've spent most of my life incommunicado with my dad for my own sanity.  I  myself broke off all contact with him in 2015 for good this time when he crossed a final line.  Tonight, when I read that he was bitching that no one was around when my stepmom died, I burst into tears. It was such a horrible time for me (and, of course worse for my stepmom) and for him to claim that no one cared and no one came, I have no words.  My brothers are aghast and we all pretty much would wash our hands off him if it weren't for the fact that we really don't want to be held responsible for any of his debts at any point. Ugh.  I really don't need that stress right now! Greg doesn't even want me to read anymore of my brothers' emails. My brothers would really prefer not dealing with our dad at all either but they feel that they have to since they all live in the same country. Ugh, families.  I hope the kids who still talk to me won't ever feel that way about me. I always go out of my way to make sure they know that.

  • Since I couldn't find vanilla beans at BulkNation, I went ahead and ordered some on Amazon. They're expensive, IMO, but if I can make a bunch of vanilla extract with them, it'll be worth it.  I also ordered my favorite nail brushes that were only available as add-ons. I got 2 of them since I haven't been able to find any good nail brushes at Dollar Tree lately. Instead of using reward points to get the order for free, I charged it all to Amazon Visa and will get 5% back in Rewards, and I'll apply the Reward points to my credit card balance when it's due.

  • For dinner, I cooked a chicken and pasta dish. I used the remaining 2 chicken breasts that I had defrosted ($0.88/lb at Save A Lot a couple of weeks ago), a pint of grape tomatoes ($0.79 at Aldi last week), some homegrown basil, minced garlic from Dollar Tree and whole wheat spaghetti that I had gotten at Publix on BOGO last week. It was good and we have tons of leftovers.  I also served the rest of the cornbread from last night. We were all stuffed!

  • I did the dishes right after dinner, go me!

  • After dinner, Greg and I watched a few more episodes of "Silicon Valley" on HBONow. Well, he worked while he watched and I got distracted by the latest batch of emails from my brothers so I didn't pay attention to it much. There were a couple of funny moments, though.


  • I slept very well
  • Breakfast was a cup of generic rice Krispies with a cup of 2% milk and a brown banana
  • Lunch was a roast beef panini from Wawa and a cherry turnover pastry (I know, I know... I couldn't resist!)
  • Afternoon snack was a large fruit salad made with berries and homegrown pineapple
  • Dinner was Tomato and basil chicken with whole wheat spaghetti and a chunk of cornbread

To Do List
  • Health
    • Exercise
    • Tape the Strength Training videos and put on dedicated SD card 
  • Cleaning (i.e. domestic chores)
    • Do the dishes DONE
    • Sweep the kitchen
    • Clean fridge
    • Wash the front of the kitchen cabinets
    • Put away the laundry
    • Iron Greg's clothes
    • Sweep or vacuum Greg's bedroom 
    • Dust Greg's bedroom
    • Mend some items from the mending basket, especially Greg's shorts
    • Vacuum fridge's coils
    • Scrub the WHOLE shower (including ceiling)
    • Clean exercise room vent
    • Remind Greg to set mice traps in the laundry room (this weekend)
    • Wash bathroom and hall ceiling, door jamb  (wear old clothes)
    • Collect recycling and take it down to the curb DONE
  • Food
    • Go grocery shopping DONE
    • Make zesty refrigerator pickles
    • Dehydrate old bread and make breadcrumbs
    • Plan today's food intake 
    • Keep track of liquid intake!
    • Record today's food intake into MFP 
    • Inventory fridge
    • Inventory freezer
    • Make weekly menu
  • Outdoors
    • Make hummingbird nectar
    • Trim bushes in front of the house 
    • Transplant ferns from bin into front yard 
    • Transplant all basil seedlings from berm and patio to the empty garden beds 
    • Pull weeds from berm 
    • Pull weeds from garden area 
    • Pull weeds from rose planter 
    • Pull weeds from gravel path
    • Lay down more cardboard on top of mulch
    • Mulch the berm again
    • Make more self watering bins
    • Plant tomatoes and lettuce (when it's cooler)
    • Add Osmocote plant food to hibiscus and roses
    • Check on beans and papaya seeds (daily) and water as needed 
    • Check on pineapples rooting in jars DONE
    • Read up on growing papaya trees again and thin the seedlings? 
    • Order rain barrel from Home Depot
    • Figure out where to plant the salvia, lantana and pink flowers
  • Pets
    • Trim all cats' nails
    • Brush cats
  • Financial/Legal
    • Input all receipts into my spreadsheets DONE
    • Submit receipts for rebates DONE
    • Explore Vanguard's Personal Advisor Services webpage and get started on process 
    • Create Greg's online Social Security Account (with him) and update my documents
    • Explore Will and Power of Attorney forms on LegalZoom and discuss with Greg
    • Call SunTrust and Chase re: bonds
    • Reconcile FSA records to make sure we're not missing money in the account
  • Family & Friends
    • Take Youngest Son driving 
    • Write a letter to my great aunt
    • Post trip pictures on French blog - STARTED THIS PAST WEEKEND
    • Find a good picture of our cats and order bag from Shutterfly for Daughter with freebie code
    • Finish the 2014 Powerpoint document for Daughter
    • Add clip art to all 2012, 2013 and 2014 pages that I created and print them
  • Organization/Decluttering
    • Write grocery shopping post DONE
    • Calculate prices per oz/lb for BulkNation DONE
    • Make list of what I would like to buy at BulkNation, based on prices DONE
    • Check exact size of staples I need to buy for Greg DONE
    • Go to Ace Hardware to get batteries and staples (by 8/14)
    • Review emails I had sent to Youngest Son on 7/23 about college with him
    • Get him started on Coalition For Access application (add reminders on calendar for each summer too)
    • Mail Boxtops4Education label to our former elementary school
    • Inventory what batteries we need for hurricane season
    • File paperwork
    • Declutter the printer stand
    • Declutter the breezeway counters
    • Declutter the gardening supplies area
    • Declutter the old coffee table ONGOING


  1. Man, you have had a stressful week! ((hugs))

    I love gummy candies and your photo of the bulk candy bins is making me drool! Too bad it wasn't quite as great as you had hoped.

    1. Man, Laura, it even got worse with my dad today, ugh.

      I did go back to Bulk Nation today with my daughter and we bought some candy, including gummy candy :) We love gummies as well! I'm going to go back with Youngest Son so he can pick what he wants, but after that, I probably won't go back until I'm running out of a spice of some kind. I just totalled up all the candy we bought today and it wasn't even that much and it came to about $13! Yikes.

  2. (((HUGS))) Nathalie. I'm sorry about all the stress related to your dad. As if you don't have enough on your plate with your daughter going off to college and your dental worries. Can't you sign some kind of affidavit stating you are formally estranged from your dad and are not responsible for his debts? Sounds like you and your siblings should get a lawyer involved.

    1. Well I don't think I'm on the French government's radar right now so I don't really want to be involved in any kind of official action. Plus, according to my brother who is a policeman, apparently there's nothing we can do unless we want to petition the courts for guardianship, but we'd have to prove that he's senile or has lost his mind. Being stupid with your money isn't illegal, or a sign that you've lost your marbles, unfortunately.

      I just did the research again and I was mistaken on one point: like here, children CANNOT be responsible for their parents' debts unless they co-signed something, while the parent(s) is/are alive. Once the parent(s) die(s), the children become responsible for the parental debts UNLESS they completely renounce all inheritance, including simple things like any family pictures, etc. Also, we would all 3 of us have to renounce all inheritance, I don't think one could renounce it and the other 2 accept it. It's an all or nothing situation, apparently.

      HOWEVER, French Civil Law is very clear about what happens when someone with progeniture cannot support themselves: the children AND the children's spouses are responsible for supporting their parents and "any other antecedents". The courts determine how much support each child owes depending on their resources and obligations. This include supporting them when they live at home or paying for their retirement home if that's where they're placed. There is no way out of it unless you can get the court to cancel this obligation by proving that the parent was abusive, unknown or absent and it's a long process that requires a lawyer. My dad is emotionally abusive and was largely an absent parent during our childhood, but my mom eventually had his wages garnished to receive child support (that he wasn't paying) and we did spend a few weeks at his house every summer, so it'd be hard to prove that he indeed was "absent". My brothers don't make much money although now that they're both either married or in a partnership, they're doing better, so they might be able to reduce their obligation that way, and I'm not sure where it would leave me since I'm an American citizen now so does that mean they couldn't enforce that on me? I don't know. At the same time, it's not like I ever did anything to renounce my French citizenship although I don't consider myself French anymore and haven't claimed French citizenship since my daughter was born 19 years ago, but I doubt that the French government would care.

    2. I thought we were required to renounce our citizenship in another country when we become American citizens, unless we apply for dual citizenship. I never applied for dual citizenship and just assumed that I automatically gave up my Sri Lankan citizenship.

    3. Well, when we become American citizens we pledge allegiance to the United States and swear that we won't serve any other country from now on. But that does nothing legally to remove our other citizenship in the eyes of the other country. No one ever told me "well, now, you have to go to the French Consulate and formally renounce your French citizenship" so I didn't do it and didn't know to do it. I guess I might have been told at the French Consulate if I had contacted them to tell them "hey, I'm now an American citizen" but things moved very fast for me in 2001: my divorce became final, I got remarried, got pregnant, became a stepmom, and became an American citizen all within 3 months. My head was spinning! Once I became an American citizen, I never went back to the French Consulate and then all my French ID papers (that were in my old name) expired. So they don't even know that I have a new name, have moved, am an American citizen. Straightening everything out would require me to put everything up to date so spending lots of money on getting divorce decree, marriage license, and naturalization certificate formally translated by an official translator ($$$), and pay all the recording fees, only to turn around and then fill out all the paperwork to renounce everything. It's a lot of work and money for what? I'm not sure. As far as I'm concerned, I became a citizen here, I've lived here for 30 years, my life is here, I vote here, my allegiance is to the United States and has been since 2001, officially. I don't consider myself French anymore. As I explained to Live & Learn, it doesn't even sound that France would care if they were to come after me for my parents' parental support financial obligations. Nothing is ever simple, is it?

      So I don't know how Sri Lanka handles this, but they might still consider you their citizen too.

  3. sorry about the situation with your father.

    I've been to our BulkNation store a few times and found the same thing - they are more expensive than Aldi for the things I regularly buy. I love all their bins of candy, but I'm trying to stay away from that. I do buy oat bran there, and I've found semolina flour that is much cheaper than at Publix. So it's nice to have, but I don't shop there on a regular basis.

    1. I saw the semolina flour. I don't think I ever saw it at Publix but I don't use it so I never really looked. I think my Moroccan nanny used to make delicious Moroccan bread with semolina flour. What do you use yours for?

    2. Sssshhhhh... *Don't read this* semolina cheesecake.


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