Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday is Here Again ~ 8/7/17

  • I should be labeling this "Domestic Monday" but I barely slept last night so I'm not sure just how "domestic" I'll be today.  I did several domestic tasks last night that I forgot to report on: sprayed a whole bunch of wasp nests around the outside of the house, emptied the small composting bin into the large one outside and added rainwater to the bin too, swept and fake-mopped the kitchen.

  • After Game of Thrones last night (great episode, btw!), I realized that the "After The Thrones" show that I miss this season on HBO is actually now a Verizon-sponsored show on Periscope entitled "Talk of the Thrones" so I started watching episode 4 while it was streaming live, but I had already missed half of it. And then I saw that I could stream the last 3 episodes as well!  It was perfect to distract myself from my dental situation.

  • Since I figured I should just watch it on my Kindle and take it to bed with me, I tried it... but Amazon doesn't have the Periscope app in their App store, so I had to sideload it from Google Play and since it'd been a while since I had done that, I had to relearn how to sideload an app. It was actually pretty easy, phew.

  • So I went to bed and fell asleep watching episode 1.  But then I woke up and I tossed and turned and started getting anxious about the dentist again and then I just couldn't sleep. But I was drowsy and every time that I had managed to fall halfway asleep, Greg would get up and either use the bathroom (next to my room) or go downstairs, stay down for a while and then come back up. Our stairs (old house) make a lot of noise so every time, it woke me up.  He went downstairs 3 times!  I started to get worried about him so on the 3rd time I went downstairs too to check on him. He was wide awake and eating cereal so I went back to bed. This time, I put on an episode of "Forensic Files" on my Kindle, which never fails me.  Explorer came to watch with me and totally blocked my view so I just listened to it and soon we both fell asleep. I didn't bother taking my headphones out since they're sleep headphones and very comfortable and I just made sure to tuck all of the wire under my pillows and blanket so Explorer wouldn't chew on it.

  • Anyhoo, I had told Greg I'd definitely get up at 6:30 a.m. today in order to get used to getting up early again since school starts on Thursday, but needless to say, that didn't happen. I felt bad since he'd been up as well and had to drive to work without having slept much at all, but I just couldn't get up.  I ended up sleeping until 8:30 a.m.  Princess slept the whole night sprawled by my feet again.  Explorer had left but came back right at 8:30 a.m. when he heard my phone chirp and he settled himself on my shoulder, putting his paws on me as if to say "there, there, stop worrying!" and I started wishing that the dentist would let me bring one of my cat for me to pet and calm my anxiety.

  • Greg took the leftovers from last week to work today. I hope they're still OK.

  • Good news of the day: I got on the scale this morning and my weight was down to 210.4 lbs. I'm sure it'll keep on yo-yo'ing for a few more days as I'm in no shape to exercise today, but it was a relief that I'm not starting the week stressing about having put on weight while on my break.

  • I had a bowl of generic rice crispies with some sliced strawberries and 2% milk for breakfast. In a daze, I forgot to measure everything so I'm going to pretend that it was the regular amounts that I allow myself for breakfast under my diet plan.  I had told myself that I would get back on the horse today but that was before the debacle with my tooth and the ensuing lack of sleep.  Ugh.  I need to plan my food intake, but at the same time, I know what I can/should eat so maybe I'll just wing it again tonight.

  • For dinner I'm going to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes (if I have the energy).

  • I earned the Microsoft Rewards for the day and am working on earning Swagbucks too.

  • Speaking of Swagbucks, they confirmed that I will be earning 8 whole Swagbucks for my Lowe's order. Wow, big money, eh?

  • I logged into Walgreens' Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices and input my weight and yesterday's hike. I earned 80 BR points. Hmm, 20 points for stepping on a scale vs. 60 pts for walking 3.5 miles... why do I even bother walking?! This program is all kinds of messed up.

  • I got the laundry started earlier this morning, on cold/cold, as usual.  Today I'm doing two "super" loads. I had good intentions of drying most of everything outside, but I'm super tired and the thought of standing around in the heat while I'm hanging the clothes was just too much for me so I stuffed the first load in the dryer. This reminds me that I need to go make sure it's actually drying, unlike last Monday!  Update: Yep, it's drying fine!

  • I went outside to inspect the garden. Oh my, the roses have exploded, which is great, but my brand new pots of purple salvia and the pink flowers (I forget the name just now) were almost dead from the lack of water!  The lantana is still doing beautifully.  So I used rainwater to soak the almost dead pots. I hope it rains tonight!

  • I have flowers on the bean plants but still no beans. I don't think it's raining enough? Or maybe there aren't any pollinators (maybe I shouldn't have killed all those wasps!).

  • The pineapples are looking like they're ripening... I still have 3 of them on my counter... but I had to harvest this little one today anyway.
I harvested that one last year and now the sweet potato vine is threatening to overtake it!  I wonder what a pineapple/sweet potato hybrid would taste like...

Four more to harvest soon!
  • I refilled one of the bird feeders. I never see birds on it but it was empty again.  They must come when I'm not looking.  I can't wait to sit on the patio and wait for the birds to come visit again!  I'm completely neglected the hummingbirds though. I have no room in the fridge to store the nectar but mostly, I've been lazy and forgetful.

  • I posted my To Do List at the end of this post again. I was pleased that I was able to take out a lot of things since the last time I posted it, but then I had to add a whole bunch of new things again. It never ends, does it? It's depressing. However, chances are greater for me to actually remember to do some of those if I post the list... so there I go again!  However, it's driving me nuts that my list is unorganized so I think I'm going to group the tasks by categories again.

  • Since UF Admissions still hasn't replied to my email asking about the new Coalition application process and when students can get started with it, I researched the information online instead of limiting myself to UF and found what I needed on the FSU website!  I sat down with Youngest Son and explained that to him and that I needed to get him started on filling it out this year so it's not such a huge task in Senior year. I also asked him to make sure to read the emails I had sent him about dual enrollment, college, and how to pay for it, back on July 23 since he ignored them (arrgh) because I want to discuss those in detail with him this week.  I also stressed that I needed him to take the lead on all those educational projects, that my role was to make sure he had the information that he needed, but that HE needed to do the work, as I know he's perfectly able.  It's hard for someone who's not motivated (ask me how I know!) to get started on tasks like these. Youngest Son is an excellent student who excels at self-direction when he is given a task, but who doesn't like school and doesn't want to go to college or learn a trade... or really do much of anything.  It's very frustrating, as a parent.  My other two sons were not as good students but also lacked that drive, until they found their passion (music and photography, respectively). However, I'd hope Youngest Son (who doesn't like sports, music or has any hobbies save for military miniatures, board games with his friends and video games) would try to pursue a more lucrative career than that of a starving artist. It's a fine and hard line to walk between pushing them too much and not pushing them enough.  I certainly don't want him to think that he can just stay home and do nothing the rest of his life.  I know that "he's only 15" but he's actually going to be 16 soon and time is a-ticking, especially if he does dual enrollment starting next Fall!

  • I scrubbed the downstairs toilet. One of those jobs that I frequently forget to do... Also there's just something satisfying about smelling Clorox toilet cleaner when I use it.  I feel like I'm actually cleaning, it's odd, I guess I just don't get that same feeling when I'm using another brand. So I'm thinking that from now on I'm always going to be using Clorox.  I have the same weird satisfaction when I use the Dollar Tree brand of Scrubbing Bubbles spray on the bathroom sinks, LOL.

  • Instead of stressing about what to tell the receptionist at the dentist's office in front of everyone in the waiting room, I took a deep breath and called them on the phone. I explained that I had been a patient there many years ago (it's a new receptionist, I wish the old one was still there because she knew me very well and wouldn't have questioned me) and that I had issues that I wanted to discuss with the hygienist before anything was done.  So she asked me if I wanted to make a cleaning appointment. I repeated that I had some issues that I was anxious about and that at this point I just wanted to speak face to face with a hygienist but that I'd make a cleaning appointment if that's what they needed to bill but that I really only needed to talk face to face. So she offered to have the hygienist call me back. I explained that I didn't do well on phone calls and that I'd really prefer to talk to a hygienist face to face so could I please make an appointment to do that.  So again she asked if I wanted a cleaning. At this point, I just started crying because I was so anxious and I apologized and explained that I was very anxious and just needed to meet with the hygienist face to face to discuss my issues so then she obliged and gave me an appointment for next week, on Thursday.  So I'm glad that's scheduled and hopefully I can speak with the hygienist in private and not have to re-explain everything to the receptionist.  I'll have to go without my daughter since she'll be at college, although she offered to drive back on that day just to come with me.  But I think it'll be OK? I already feel a little less stressed since I've made that first step. As I said, those hygienists are super nice so I don't expect to have anxiety problems meeting with them and getting care from them.  I've talked to them many times about my kids and one of them is so nice, she always hugs me when she sees me and asks about our trips, etc.  Sadly, I've never learned their names as they don't wear name tags so I'm not sure if the one I'm scheduled to see is that one or the other lady who is also nice.  The next hurdle will be actually seeing the dentist.  My problems are severe and extend well past just a broken tooth.  I'm dealing with periodontal disease, severe bone loss on one side, crowns, missing crowns, teeth that were worked on many years ago... a long time ago the one dentist had talked about bone grafts and implants and all kinds of "fun" things that honestly no one in their right mind would want to undergo so this is going to be painful in many different ways.  Last night as I burst into tears after we watched TV together, Greg was very concerned and upon hearing that I was stressing about the dentist, assured me that cost was not a concern because he thought that's what I was stressing about. It is stressful but right now the cost isn't even on my radar all that much.  There'll be time to stress over that later. 

  • I've lost track of how many times I've typed the words "stress", "stressed", "anxious", "anxiety".  Maybe I should start using "terrified".  Ugh.

  • I had a ham and spinach wrap for lunch, which I ate right before leaving for the high school. I left the nCrave videos play while we were gone, so when I got home, I was already at 77 SB out of 95 that I need to reach my first daily goal.

  • Since I didn't sleep much last night, I asked Youngest Son to drive us to the high school. At first he confidently picked the Focus (manual transmission) even though I had reservations, but as he stalled at the bottom of the driveway, we agreed that he should drive the SUV today and that he'd get some practice on the Focus later on in the afternoon around the neighborhood.

  • The high school schedule pick-up actually went very well!  We barely stood in line to get his schedule, and it was perfect!  I don't think it's ever happened to any of my high schoolers! Usually, one of the classes they requested and needed was missing or they were assigned to a regular class instead of Honors, so that was an excellent surprise!  We walked around the school to go meet the teachers and met 5 out of 7 teachers (the other two were MIA), got a short list of supplies, and most of the teachers said they really don't assign much homework at all, with one teacher telling us that he doesn't believe in homework at all.  Since Youngest Son will also be taking French online on top of his full schedule, it was nice to hear that he shouldn't have undue school work to do every night.  We tried to go meet his AP Human Geography teacher from last year to give her the good news that he had scored a 5 on the AP exam and thank her for making this possible, but she wasn't in her classroom either.

  • Throughout the high school visit, Youngest Son was very solicitous of me, making sure I was OK (he saw that I was upset about the dentist phone call earlier), taking my hands, giving me hugs, etc. It was so nice to be pampered like that and so nice to see him act so grown up and mature. He knows that this week is really hard for me as his sister is getting ready to leave.  We had some laughs about the fact that a bunch of people greeted him by name but he didn't remember anyone's name at all (he's sooooo my son!) and reminisced about last year's schedule pick-up that had been so different (we were so lost!). Anyhoo, it was a great experience. I hope he has a great year.

  • After the school visit, we stopped at Walgreens since we needed to buy a 3-subject notebook for one of his classes. We also picked up 4 one subject notebooks (I wasn't sure we had any at home) and a composition book and I got the candy "freebies" that I was planning on getting on Wednesday so that saves me a stop on that day.  I paid for the $15.xx OOP with Amazon Visa for 2% back in Rewards and earned some Balance Rewards points as well.

  • Our last stop was at McDonald's. I had a new app coupon for a free shake with any purchase so I got a large Diet Coke for myself (it was so hot outside!) and my son got the free chocolate shake. He drove us home and we decided to take a breather and enjoy our drinks before we go practice driving the Focus.  Meanwhile, my daughter went to run errands with her BFF and the BFF is driving today.

  • One of my son's elective classes this year will be Digital Design II and he's really looking forward to it because they'll be working with PhotoShop (so maybe that can become a passion of his?!) and he likes the teacher a lot (he had him last year already).  I asked the teacher if he knew of any discounts for us to get PhotoShop at home for him and he pointed us out to the website where, with a student email address, our son can subscribe to just PhotoShop for $9.99 a month OR get all of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps for $19.99 a month (as a student) so we're going to be discussing this with my daughter (who is our Adobe and creative expert, she did her coding camp at Adobe last year) and I'll probably ask Middle Son for his opinion too (he uses PhotoShop and Lightbox a lot and studied graphic design for a year before switching to Photography) to see what I should be getting. I don't mind the $20 a month if that's something that he'll really be using or playing with and that could lead to a possible career path but I also want to be smart about the money we spend.  Update: my daughter came home right as I was typing this so I asked her what she thought and she said that she would definitely use all of the apps and her yearly subscription (which apparently she had shared with Middle Son) had ended so she'd be interested in getting in on it if I got it for Youngest Son.  So it sounds like I might get the $20 a month since she'll definitely use it and then give Youngest Son the opportunity to use those extra apps as well.  She said you could download the apps on more than one computer. 

  • I have a lot of pasta in my pantry but I Heart Publix gave a heads-up that we should be able to score some free Ronzoni SuperGreens pasta at Publix this coming week so I printed the coupons from Swagbucks and will need to remember to stop there on Thursday after dropping off my son at school to score my two free boxes.

  • I checked our Discover card accounts and both Greg and myself once again had the Kohl's Discover Deals offer, which allowed me to gain $20 in free Kohl's cash in my Kohl's wallet!  I decided to order a new pair of Ryk√§ walking shoes for myself. Mine are about done in. I have an extra pair already waiting in my closet, but when I checked the price and sizes available of the same model today, there were very few sizes left and actually mine was only available in the purple version, not the teal version that I have ordered in the past. Gah!  Could it be that they won't carry that model anymore soon?  So I decided to just reorder myself another pair since I like them so much. I used a 30% off code (FRIENDS30) and a free shipping code (SHIPBTS) and the $20 in Kohl's cash and paid with my Kohl's charge card so all the codes would be accepted. So the $80 shoes ended up costing me $44.94 and I'm set for another year or year and a half in shoes that are very comfortable.

  • My daughter's BFF's mom went with them to run errands and ended up buying lunch for my daughter at Panda Express. She brought it home and ate half of it and then offered the rest to me so I split it with Youngest Son... and there goes my diet for today!

  • The $31 refund check from our homeowner's insurance company came in today (for the no claim discount) so I deposited it in our checking account via my bank's app. This pretty much pays for 75% of my new walking shoes :)

  • So I went ahead and had my daughter sign up for the Adobe subscription under her name (since she already has her student ID if they ever audit her whereas it'll be a while before Youngest Son gets his) and she helped her brother download the apps to his computer. The teacher had thought that perhaps we'd get an additional discount for paying for the whole year at once, but we didn't so I just elected to get charged every month.

  • My daughter was finally able to get into the Chem Lab that she needed, woohoo!  So now she says she has the "perfect" schedule, aside from having a teacher that was poorly rated by other students.

  • I got a catalog in the mail and found the perfect T-shirt for me to wear when I go to the dentist:

  • Greg loves his new fishing hat and fishing shirt and now he wants the same kind of fishing pants so his legs stop getting burned. So I researched those and sent him an email with some choices.

  • I'm too tired to make meatloaf so I decided we'd have tacos again and I'll heat up a can of refried beans for the side. Lazy dinner but that's all the energy I can muster tonight.  I should make a meatloaf one of these days and just freeze it.

  • I found several coins that Greg had left on the breezeway counter so I put them in my 2017 Spare Change Jar.

  • Meanwhile, in Swagbucksland, I surpassed my 2nd Daily Goal, yippee!  I'm at over 2100 SB so I should be able to order a gift card for my daughter soon. I showed her the various options and she settled on a gift card for Chili's.

  • I'm defrosting chicken breasts for dinner tomorrow. I might cook them in the crockpot, I haven't decided yet.

  • Greg is super tired too and the poor guy has to work from home tonight as well because he has so much to do.  That's when it sucks to be salaried.  I offered to brew him some coffee but he declined, probably rightfully so since he wants to be able to sleep tonight.


  • The dental situation is really making me anxious, but I'm not in pain, thankfully.
  • My weight is at 210.4 lbs this morning. I'm "behind schedule" since I took a month-long break and I now have fewer than 4 months to try to lose 50 lbs by the time I turn 50, but at least I didn't put on an atrocious amount of weight during my break.
  • Breakfast was a bowl of generic rice krispies, sliced strawberries and 2% milk.  I forgot to measure everything though.
  • I got quite a bit of walking done at the high school since we had to criss-cross the campus to locate all of my son's classrooms and meet his teachers. It was hot!
  • I ate a little bit of orange chicken and some white rice in the afternoon
  • Dinner was one beef taco made with a whole wheat tortilla, 73% ground beef that I drained, and reduced sodium taco seasoning. I also added a couple of teaspoons of light sour cream.  Then I had a couple of spoonfuls of fat free refried beans.  I want to have pineapple but I'm too tired to cut it up.
To Do List
  • Health
    • Exercise
    • Think about how to approach the dentist. Make appointment or walk in and ask to talk to hygienist? What to say? MADE AN APPOINTMENT FOR NEXT WEEK.
    • Tape the Strength Training videos and put on dedicated SD card 
  • Cleaning (i.e. domestic chores)
    • Do the dishes
    • Clean fridge
    • Do the laundry DONE
    • Fold the laundry
    • Wash my bedding
    • Iron Greg's clothes
    • Sweep or vacuum Greg's bedroom 
    • Dust Greg's bedroom
    • Get DampRid for Greg's closet
    • Mend some items from the mending basket, especially Greg's shorts
    • Vacuum fridge's coils
    • Put bleach in furnace drain line for maintenance
    • Pour Drano down kitchen sink for maintenance (once dishes are done)
    • Scrub the WHOLE shower (including ceiling)
    • Clean exercise room vent
    • Vacuum kitchen vents
    • Sweep/vacuum breezeway
    • Sweep/vacuum Cat Room
    • Fix kitchen sliding drawer
    • Wash bathroom and hall ceiling, door jamb  (wear old clothes)
  • Food
    • Plan today's food intake  I'm winging it today again but keeping in mind the exchanges/quantities that I'm allowed. It's really not that complicated.
    • Keep track of liquid intake!
    • Record today's food intake into MFP 
    • Inventory fridge
    • Inventory freezer
    • Make weekly menu
  • Outdoors
    • Make hummingbird nectar
    • Trim bushes in front of the house 
    • Transplant ferns from bin into front yard 
    • Transplant all basil seedlings from berm and patio to the empty garden beds 
    • Pull weeds from berm 
    • Pull weeds from garden area 
    • Pull weeds from rose planter 
    • Lay down more cardboard on top of mulch
    • Mulch the berm again
    • Make more self watering bins
    • Plant tomatoes and lettuce (when it's cooler)
    • Add Osmocote plant food to hibiscus and roses
    • Check on beans and papaya seeds (daily) and water as needed - CHECKED, HOPING IT WILL RAIN TONIGHT. IT DIDN'T RAIN.
    • Check on pineapples rooting in jars
    • Read up on growing papaya trees again and thin the seedlings? 
    • Order rain barrel from Home Depot
    • Figure out where to plant the salvia, lantana and pink flowers
  • Pets
    • Trim all cats' nails
    • Brush cats
  • Financial/Legal
    • Explore Vanguard's Personal Advisor Services webpage and get started on process 
    • Create Greg's online Social Security Account (with him) and update my documents
    • Explore Will and Power of Attorney forms on LegalZoom and discuss with Greg
    • Call SunTrust and Chase re: bonds
    • Reconcile FSA records to make sure we're not missing money in the account
  • Family & Friends
    • Take Youngest Son to get his schedule and make sure it's correct/corrected DONE
    • Take Youngest Son driving He drove the SUV to the high school, running errands and back
    • Check with daughter on list of what to bring to her on Sunday - She said she would load up my SUV for me on Friday.
    • Add her new address in my GPS
    • Write a letter to my great aunt
    • Post trip pictures on French blog - STARTED THIS PAST WEEKEND
    • Find a good picture of our cats and order bag from Shutterfly for Daughter with freebie code
    • Finish the 2014 Powerpoint document for Daughter
    • Add clip art to all 2012, 2013 and 2014 pages that I created and print them
  • Organization/Decluttering
    • Check to see if received answer from UF Admissions re: filling out SSAR/Application in 10th grade - I found the information I needed on the FSU website, actually.
    • Review emails I had sent to Youngest Son on 7/23 about college with him
    • Get him started on Coalition For Access application (add reminders on calendar for each summer too)
    • Inventory what batteries we need for hurricane season
    • File paperwork
    • Declutter the printer stand
    • Declutter the breezeway counters
    • Declutter the gardening supplies area
    • Declutter the old coffee table ONGOING


  1. (((HUGS))) Nathalie. You did well to call the dentist and make the appointment. Can Greg go with you to the appointment? Your garden is coming along so nicely! Love all the pineapples you are harvesting!

    1. The pineapples are nice, aren't they?! I'm so excited about them, after dreading all of them ripening at the same time, they really didn't. And also because last year's harvest (my first) had been such a debacle since I had harvested them way too soon. It's amazing that they grew as much as they did despite the drought we had for so long, because I really didn't water them all that much at all and I was feeling guilty about it, thinking that since they were a tropical crop, they probably needed a lot more water. But they actually only need to be watered once a week and don't like "wet feet" so it worked out perfectly! I wish I could share them with you!

      Greg would probably come if I really asked him to, but he's super busy at work (he has had to work at night and on the weekend ever since he went back to work after his vacation) and even told his mom he wasn't going to be able to go stay with her after her surgery so I won't ask him. My daughter offered to drive back for the day since her classes won't have started yet, but I don't really want her to do that either. And my BFF works most days. I wish I could have gotten an appointment this week when my daughter was still home, but such is life. It's time for me to quit acting like such a baby, I guess. But I won't lie and tell you that I'm not dreading it. I may not sleep at all the night before!

  2. Aww so glad you called the dentist! I really empathize because I had such a time calling last October. Now I need to go again. I'm debating on what I should do today. I didn't make any appointments and should have done that last night. I'm thinking I'll stay around here, make some appointments for tomorrow and just do paperwork at home. I think we have the Vegas trip planned- not until late October- so it would be nice if I could lose some WEIGHT! You've been doing well! I keep thinking about food and that I want to make a buttermilk pound cake because I have leftover buttermilk, etc but I do NOT need to do that. It would be better if I just dump the milk down the drain!!!!! I was able to pay my home owner's insurance online yesterday and used a credit card for points YAY! That was a plus and no added fees. I also got gas for the mower and mowed the front yard. I notice it is uneven so looks like today I need to fill the air in the tires. I have a little compressor but hate all that bending down. Just too old LOL. PS I think your son will be just fine. It's probably hard being the youngest and as long as he keeps the grades up and is happy, no worries. My grandsons both have their careers all planned but you know that will change several times.

    1. Thank you Nan. It really helps when I hear others tell me they had a hard time calling for their own appointments too but that it turned out OK. I think the bad experiences I had just overshadow the fact that it might have just been bad luck and most of the dental professionals are not like that? I'm trying to psych myself up.

      Don't make the cake! Throw away the buttermilk! Or make the cake and bring it to your daughter's for the grandsons to munch on!

      Yay for getting rewards by paying the HOI with a credit card! I won't be able to do that... mine clearly states that they'll charge 2.5% in fees if paying with a credit card. Groan.

      You're right about the future career changes, but at least your grandsons have shown interest in something as they've already planned their careers. Youngest Son plainly states that he hates school and working and every discussion we've had around future plans is met with blank stares and sighs and no excitement whatsoever. I even explained that he might want to be a small business owner and open his own gaming store, but even that doesn't interest him. Arrgh. It's one thing to say "life will happen, give him time" but then, IRL, he should be starting earning his A.A. next year and needs to pick classes that would earn him an A.A. in the major that he would want to pursue in college. I was checking out the FSU site yesterday and they state "Applicants who graduate from high school and receive an AA degree at the same time must meet the freshman admission requirements and the major requirements when submitting the admission application." So if you don't pay attention to such details early, you're not maximizing your opportunities. When you talk about college tuition, it has huge financial implications for his future. Maybe I read too many of the posts on Reddit's Personal Finances sub from people who are drowning under the cost of their student loans. It would just be nice for him to have at least one area of interest that he would be willing to explore to see if he might want to study that field after high school.

      I'm cautiously optimistic about digital design. He's enjoyed the class so far and is actually excited about learning more of PhotoShop. Now that he has access to it at home (I wish I had realized that and gotten it earlier in the summer but he never verbalizes anything!), I hope that it'll spark something. Something is better than nothing, eh?

      Have a great Tuesday, enjoy your paperwork! I'm weird, I've always enjoyed filling out paperwork!

  3. First of all, I love the T-shirt and I definitely think you should get it to wear to all of your dentist visits. And second of all, I wish we could take cats to appointments like that, also. I can imagine all kinds of problems with that but there's nothing more calming than a purring cat on your lap.

    1. LOL, it's wonderfully passive aggressive, no? My daughter and I were also joking that she should wear it to all the family functions that her dad is always pressuring her to attend but that she hates.

      Now I really wish that **I** was a dentist because I'd definitely have cats in my waiting room. Hey, maybe I could use the cat hair for the fillings too!

  4. Playing catch-up again, but wanted to tell you that as someone who is also absolutely terrified of the dentist, I am proud of you for making that call. I had an experience with the dentist at 8 years old that literally scared me for life. 2 Summers ago, I also had another negative experience with a "new" dentist that was filling in for my regular one. I haven't been back since. My regular dentist that I began going to at age 13 (after not going from 8 until then) had really helped me to overcome that fear, and now it's like all of that YEARS of healing were undone by one experience. All my teeth are gonna fall out of my head, but I really don't care (yes, I do)...but that fear is horrible. Again, I am very proud of you!

    1. Aww, Joy, thanks so much. And (((HUGS))) to you. I so completely understand what you're saying about the one experience that undid years of "dental therapy". And I also understand saying "I'm gonna lose all my teeth and I don't care!". I'm pretty much the same. I mean, I'm missing several molars (on each side, both top and bottom!) and I'm still able to eat and I'm not in pain so I didn't really care. But when it started affecting the teeth that are visible to others, it was harder to continue saying "I don't care" because my problem came out in the open, you know?

      I checked their website last evening and was more at peace because of all the verbiage about dealing with anxious patients and some procedures they do that seemed like they might be a good option for me... and then as the appointment came closer, my inner toddler was released and I couldn't sleep last night, and this morning was positively awful. I was so stressed that every tick of the clock brought tears to my house and I was actually sobbing about 5 minutes before it was time to leave. I felt so stupid and juvenile but I couldn't help it. Then I cried on my way there, composed myself, walked into the office and they said "hi" and I started crying again! Good thing I was the only one there and the hygienist came to give me a hug and then whisked me away to an examining room where we chatted for a while and then I felt much better because she was personable enough (I've known her through my kids for a few years) and definitely not judgmental or disapproving at all. So then when the dentist came by, I was already much calmer and he was also very nice so that really helped. I didn't have anything done today but I will have to go back for a deep cleaning and a couple of crowns. At this point, I don't have any anxiety about it. I've done those a couple of times in the past already so I know I can stand the discomfort and they'll give me nitrous gas if I get anxious at all. In the past, I would get really stressed about the cost, but I had an epiphany last night that we HAVE paid off our house so we CAN afford dental care now! Sure it will delay putting money into savings/retirement, but having teeth IS kind of important and I really should take care of getting them fixed while we still have insurance, you know?

      Is your regular dentist near you still? Maybe you could make an appointment with the hygienist, like I did, and explain your fears and what happened with the other dentist? It's scary to expose yourself to someone else like this, especially as an adult, but I'm glad I did it. Also, I still think that dentist offices should somehow offer comfort pets or to let us bring ours in if they're small enough. Explorer came to snuggle against me right before I was leaving and that did help me, even though I was still crying at that point.

  5. I am so jealous of your pineapples!

    From your comments I see that the first dental appointment went well. I hope it keeps going well. One of my former co-workers once said that any kind of "dental instrument noise" (like the drill, the scrapey thingy, etc.) really stresses her out, so now she brings her phone and earbuds, plugs them in and turns on the music as loud as she can stand it. I know of other people who get a small dose of Valium or Xanax before a dental appointment. Not sure if that would be for you, just throwing out ideas.

    1. Aww, man, the headphone idea would have been perfect for me, save for the fact that my headphone jack is jammed so I can't use headphones with my phone at all :( My appointment to get the work started is tomorrow. I'm feeling fine so far, I hope I don't need to take anything but they do have options for me if I start freaking out again. Keeping my fingers crossed, though, that I'll keep feeling "zen" about it. Probably until I hear that loud wheezing noise.


Anything you'd like to add? Share away!