Saturday, August 5, 2017

More TV Watching ~ Saturday 8/5/17

I'm going to be having so much fun with those personalized emojis, hahaha. I won't put pictures of myself on the blog so this is the closest you'll get to seeing what I (kind of) look like.  I do wear my hair in a bun most days, although not a high bun like this, but they didn't have a hairstyle that matches mine better. Also my hair isn't that brown but I guess that's how Greg sees me since he's the one who created the emoji for me.  Want to see his?  It totally looks like him although he thinks that his own hair is still blondish when in fact it's more gray than anything else, lol.

I woke up with two kittens in my bed this morning, hooray!  We cuddled a little and then I got up and my day went to shit because Greg went to fish and I didn't see a note or email as to where he had gone, like he had promised, and when I texted him he got very passive aggressive about it (ugh, I hate it when he's like this!) so now we're annoyed at each other.

Back when we were in Gainesville a couple of weeks ago, I had signed up for the Perkins rewards program in the restaurant (my phone wasn't connecting so I couldn't do it online) and they finally emailed me the 20% off coupon for my next visit but it's coded specifically for that Perkins restaurant.  So I guess we'll eat there when we bring her stuff to her next Sunday.

It's "Law & Order: SVU Marathon Day" on ION TV today so I have it on right now but I don't really feel like watching it, it's so depressing and I need a lift.  So in a little bit I'll go do the dishes.

I had replied to my French BFF last night, finally. I had completely forgotten to do that when she wrote to me 2 weeks ago and now they're leaving for NYC tonight!  She replied to me right away and said that she's not particularly excited about the long plane trip or even NYC itself, but her teens are so happy, she's excited for them. I guess she's a better mom than I am because I told my daughter we wouldn't go to a big city on our trip back in June and we didn't, lol.  I hope they had a good time.

I earned the daily Microsoft Rewards credits and I'm trying to meet my 1st Swagbucks goal (75 SB) with videos.

A week from now, my daughter will be moving in to her apartment. I'm sure she can't wait and I'm excited for her, but I'm really starting to get depressed about the whole thing too. Well, actually, I've been depressed about it for weeks.  At the same time, I kind of want it to be over already, you know?  Ugh.

So I haven't felt like being social recently (a recurring theme with me) and I haven't commented on any blogs, sorry. I had plans to go back and comment on all those posts but, honestly, it's kind of daunting at the moment so I don't think I will. I'm sorry.  I'm being totally lazy.

I'm kind of in denial that school is starting in less than a week from now for Youngest Son (as he is too, for sure!) and that I'm going to have to get up at 6 a.m. again. Ugh. Right now it's hard for me to even get up at 8 a.m.  because I'm enjoying staying up late. But I do need to get back on a schedule, on my diet, and on the recumbent bike.  And I need to get back to doing the dishes every day. Once my daughter is gone, it'll be fewer dishes so I'm really going to try to be good with that.

It's hot and humid here (oh boy, Florida in August isn't for the faint of heart!) but I told Greg that I wanted to start taking walks again so we'll go walking tomorrow.  I'm out of shape now so it'll probably only be a short walk. It would be nice to start taking pictures too.

So my (American) BFF and I are both turning 50 within a couple of months of one another so I suggested she and I get away somewhere for a weekend but I have no idea of where we could go. Greg joked that he would send us to Vegas but that's like the last place on Earth I'd ever want to visit (OK, hyperbole much?  But still no desire whatsoever to ever go to Vegas) so I need to put my thinking cap on.  I'd rather not fly anywhere, also because Greg was joking about buying a plane ticket for my BFF so I need to think of a place where we could go pretty easily from Orlando.  We're not beach people, I'd rather go somewhere where we could hike as she likes that too.  Any suggestions?  My mind is fried after having had to plan that trip with my daughter, LOL.

I spent a while inserting pictures into my recap for the past week and finally published the post.

Greg came home with a huge fish!  Unfortunately it's a mud fish and most people don't eat it but he's going to try.  Have fun with that, the kids and I will have sandwiches.  Well he grilled it and said it wasn't bad, just a tad bland but that there was a lot of meat. I gave him an old bread bag to dispose of the leftovers since he wasn't going to eat them all and we didn't want them.

Then he decided he was going to mow the lawn, woohoo!  He mowed the front lawn, it was too hot to do it all.

Meanwhile, I did most of the dishes. I'll wash the flatware with tonight's dinner dishes.

For my lunch, I cut up a new homegrown pineapple to make more fruit salad, so I saved the top to root it outside. I reused a 2016 Sodapalooza cup for this since I'm out of glass jars.

I also made a ham spinach wrap and brewed some decaf hazelnut coffee.  I think I'm going to try and read the Nora Roberts book that I borrowed from the library a couple of weeks ago since I'm not so much into "L&O: SVU" today.  Update: well it took exactly 5 pages to remind myself that I'm definitely over Nora Roberts and I have no interest in reading her books anymore.  Back to figuring out what to watch on TV!

While I was doing the dishes, I let the nCrave videos play and I met my 2nd Goal for the day right as they ran out. Woohoo!

I decided to try watching a new HBO series called "Room 104" while I cleaned my coupon organizer.  Oh my, that was a mistake. It was very bad.  Greg thought so too. Like a bad YouTube video.

So then we watched the 1st episode of "Westworld". Apparently there was a movie done in the 70s and Greg watched it and said it was very good.  The first episode was confusing but we're moving on to the 2nd episode. I cleaned my coupon organizer and filed the new coupons away in it. I had to make a new section for Bulk Nation.

Princess came to give me moral suppport :)
We ended up watching 3.5 episodes of Westworld before giving up. It was very slow and plodding and boring and excruciating. So we won't be watching that.  We tried!

For dinner, I heated up the leftover shredded pork roast from last night and the leftover baked beans from a few nights ago. I served the pork on Kaiser buns for my family and split the beans between them. Someone had used a bun for lunch so I had my pork atop tortilla chips, as if it was a taco salad, with some light sour cream and salsa and it really was very good!

Greg and I watched the last 2 episodes of The Great British Baking Show on PBS before he went to play video games.  I'm probably going to look at the offerings on HBONow again to see if I can continue to maximize our subscription this month.

Yep,  I watched an awful lot of television again today!


  1. The key to watching Westworld is knowing it operates on multi timelines. I thought the writing was brilliant.

    1. Different strokes for different folks, I guess! I know that another of my readers (Susan) loves Criminal Minds and I can't stand that show at all. But then I love anything Law & Order and I'm sure loads of people don't like that show.

      Greg and I were completely on the same page about Westworld though, it just wasn't our cup of tea. Did you watch "The Leftovers"? I binged that last weekend and it was one of those shows when, a week later, I still can't tell if I liked it or not. But it kept me interested.

  2. I'm so glad you're back. I read your blog everyday and always look forward to it. Love seeing all of your furry felines and their antics. We have been having cooler weather here (60 plus degree nights and highs of 75 to 80) and I am loving it. It is expected to stay for the next 10 days and then it heats up again. Our state fair starts later this month and it will probably be nice and hot. (I don't go - too many people and not much change from year to year anyway) Word has it there could be 90's in September. Ugh. You're so right about Florida not being for the feint of heart - sorry, but I could never live there. Too hot too much and too humid. I'd be a real you know what all the time. Heh. I am amazed by your pineapple harvest. I was almost drooling as I love pineapple. I buy it when it's not too expensive and 95% of the time I pick good ones, which I share with my husband, although I could easily eat it all myself. Take care, Nathalie and have a good week. Ranee

    1. Greg was a little hurt that you didn't say that you read the blog to read about HIS antics, hahaha.

      I'm honored that I get to be part of your day, Ranee, truly. And boy, am I jealous of your cool temperatures! My house needs to be aired out so badly, especially the upstairs which is starting to smell musty. Ugh. Our hot season will continue through October-November. I do love it though, I have a hard time imagining living anywhere else long term. I absolutely do NOT envy you the MN winters, you can keep all that cold and snow and ice :) I would absolutely be the biggest "you know what" if I had to deal with that, ha.

      I'll be thinking of you when I eat my pineapple tomorrow, then! Greg insisted on tasting it today even though he doesn't like pineapple, just because it had grown in our own yard and he loved it, actually. Hmm, I'm not sure that's good because I'm not really willing to share the last 3 that are on my counter :)

  3. Ha guess who is going to Vegas? My sis got another bonus- apparently her new company gives 20 year employees $10,000- and she has been there 20 years in September. She wants the girls in the family- my little sis and my 2 daughters to have an all expense paid long weekend to Vegas on her buck. My DD is planning it- looks like first class all the way. I'll just be along for the ride haha. I have always thought it would be fun to go there once and see a show. We'll probably be going from Orlando too- non-stop flights. Is there a reason you don't want to fly any place? I've been walking daily and still so out of shape- that NY trip was not good for my legs- so now I need to 'up' my game haha. Just keep telling yourself you can visit your daughter!!! I loved to go to Gainesville for the day. I really planned for my daughter's departure- she was my youngest and my husband was gone- so I knew I needed a plan. I started working when she was 16 and really liked my job helping others and just kind of went with that. Menu today: salad and fish UGH...

    1. Oh wow! That was quite a gift from your sister! Are you going to gamble at all? I hope you have fun and your legs are OK.

      I'm very much of an introvert that doesn't like enclosed spaces and people so being on a plane with a bunch of strangers is pretty much one of my least favorite things in the world, hahaha. I'd much rather drive because I prefer having control of where I'm going. Same reason why I absolutely do NOT like cruises. At least a plane trip is usually over after a few hours. Cruises have got to be one of the worst things, for me.

      So it's another reason why thinking about getting a job when the last child leaves doesn't excite me at all. I might end up doing that but it'd probably have to be a job where I have to deal with the Publix for very little money in exchange so... ugh :) We'll see what happens then.

  4. I'm not a gambler at all- I have maybe bought 3 lottery tickets in my life. I do enjoy people watching though!

  5. Personally, I'd love to go to Vegas again. I've been there only once, and it was to get married, so maybe my memories are just tinged with those fond events from 28 years ago. LOL.

    How about a hiking trip in the mountains of Georgia? People always tell me about Helen (they assume I know it because the town is made out to look like a German village, ha) and how they enjoy it. It might be too kitschy and touristy for you taste (or mine, too), but another place that people frequently mention is Ellijay, GA. It sounds like this would be a fall trip for you and your friend - great for watching leaves change. And the apple festival is sometime in October.

    1. With that background, I can certainly understand why you have a soft spot in your heart for Vegas :)

      Thanks for the ideas for an outing, I'll have to look into it and see if my BFF could get out of town for a couple of days. And apple festival sounds fun and hiking always sounds like fun too!


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