Contact Me

Dear reader, if you're a regular person who reads my blog and just wants to shoot the breeze about frugal stuff or what you've been up to in your neck of the world, or prefers emailing to leaving comments on a blog (although you can comment anonymously or just with your name now, I changed that option for the commenting section), by all means, email me.  If I have the time and I'm not depressed, I'll even reply to you :)

Please note: No SOLICITING.  If you really are a reader of my blog you'll know that I'm not a social person. I don't answer my phone or my door bell (which I have actually disabled).  I yell at people who knock on my door to sell me something (whether it be their products or their ideas). I monitor comments.  So you'll know that I won't answer solicitations, even if you congratulate me on my "frugal endeavor blog posts", OK? I'm not interested in growing my readership on social networks or promoting your websites or businesses.  Thank you and good luck with your hustling.  Don't expect an answer if, despite reading this, you're still emailing me for me to shill your stuff, now matter what it is.

Yes, I will be (if I'm not already and I think I might be!) the cranky old woman in the neighborhood that everyone avoids.  Good.